Support Integrative Medicine and Help Name Our Puppies  

Our three adorable puppies – in training to become our first animal-assisted therapy dogs – now have names, thanks to hundreds of thoughtful suggestions submitted from supporters around the Commonwealth. 

We are pleased to introduce:

  • Grace, a female Golden Retriever, whose name means "in favor or goodwill" and "to honor;"
  • Sampson, a male Yellow Labrador, whose name means “service” and “sun;” and
  • Rosemary, a female Yellow Labrador, whose name means “remembrance.”

Community support for Bluegrass Integrative Medicine is vital to the program’s success. This important care is not typically covered by insurance. We never turn a patient in need away for the inability to pay, so your gifts are crucial.

The Bluegrass Integrative Medicine program will include mind-body techniques such as music and art therapy; body-based techniques such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and aromatherapy; in addition to animal-assisted therapy. Music and art therapy programs are in development now and will be offered to patients before the end of the year.

Thank you for your support!